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                            Atec Pitching Machines

Pricing on Pitching Machines Subject To Change. Please Phone For Price !!!


                                           Power Hummer

                                                                                                        wpeA.jpg (2126 bytes)
Item #S-A11 (Baseball)              $1850                                                   
Item #S-A12 (Softball)                $1850

The Power Hummer does it all. Versatility is its hall mark, delivering consistent accuracy,
speed, and portability. The Hummer is one of the most widely used pitching machines
amongst commercial batting cage operations. Appreciate an unobstructed view of the
ball from release through realistic delivery. Greater ball control is assured on every pitch
with the increased radial surface contact offered by ATEC'S patented Concave Disc design.
Quick and easy throwing head movement makes the Hummer ideal for throwing line drives,
grounders, and infield practice as well as deep field drills. Breaks down and transports easily
using the tripod leg as a convenient tow handle.

                                  wpe10.jpg (20506 bytes)                        

                                                           Casey Pro

                                                                                                                wpe9.jpg (2126 bytes)   
Item #S-A13 (Baseball)            $1699  
Item #S-A14 (Softball)              $1699
               (20 ball feeder $395.00)

Unmatched consistent accuracy, the Casey's patented concave, solid wheel design assures
total ball control. Each wheel is electronically spin balanced to assure not only accuracy, but
quiet and vibration-free operation. The most coveted machine in baseball, the Casey delivers
fastballs and every breaking ball imaginable at speeds from a soft lob to 95 mph. Its ease of
transport and versatility of use makes it ideal for fielding drills as well as hitting practice.
There are tens of thousands of Casey's on fields around the world, some used 20 years and
more. Manufactured of high strength steel and cast aluminum and protected with a high gloss
powder coat finish, the Casey will perform for you year after year.

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                                                        Casey II                                                                                               wpe9.jpg (2126 bytes)                                                                                                                                 

Item #S-A 15 (Baseball or Softball)                                        $995

Give your players confidence. Throws with consistent accuracy every time and at the speed you
With the Casey It's solid, balanced polyurethane covered wheel, grooved pinch pad and
variable speed control your practice becomes more productive.
Parks and recreation departments, young leagues and schools all appreciate the Casey II for
its economical versatility. Support both your baseball and softball programs with the durable
Casey II, converting one to the other in less than 60 seconds.
At only 65 lbs., this machine is simple to carry and fits easily into your car trunk.
Portability and ease of adjustment from high inside to low outside pitches, or from grounders to
fly balls for fielding practice make the Casey II a great choice in practice partners.

                                 wpe15.jpg (15435 bytes)



wpe9.jpg (2126 bytes)

Item #S-A16 (Baseball)                                 $960                                 
Item #S-A17 (Softball)                                   $960

Level the playing field for your youth leagues. More consistent than "coach pitch", more fair than
a drafted pitching talent, let the Rookie pitch a perfect game. One that allows everyone to learn
to read a pitch and focus on timing. Pitch strikes every time from a 13 mph soft lob to a 60 mph
fastball. Continuous visibility of the ball allows full stride swings. And when practice turns to field
ing, just pick your drill. Choose from deep field pop-ups, line drives, infield grounders and even
foul tips for your catchers. It's easy with the quick and simple head adjustments you can make
with your Rookie.
Quick release legs, transport wheels and a lightweight 65 lbs. make the Rookie ideal for
practice anywhere!!

                                          wpe16.jpg (18071 bytes)



                                                     Hitting Streak
wpeF.jpg (2312 bytes)                                                                                                               
Item #S-A19 (Softball)                $299                Item #S-A18 (Baseball)                    $299

The Hitting Streak uses the exclusive Tuffy SOFT ball. Feel it on the bat and hit it just as
far as a regulation ball while eliminating the fear factor of being hit by a wild pitch or a hard ball.
And it can be used safely indoors or out.
No machine develops hand speed and timing more effectively than the Hitting Streak.
Consistent accuracy of every pitch allows the hitter to focus on the ball, read the pitch faster,
then adjust his swing. With a simple flip of the wrist you can deliver your choice of major league
breaking balls or fastballs at speeds from 20 to 60 mph. At the training distance of 40 ft., that's
equivalent to a 90 mph pitch!
And defensively the Hitting Streak is unmatched in versatility. From fun go drills to double
plays to outfield flies and catcher's blocking drills, using the Hitting Streak is like having an
extra coach on the field.

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                                                        Soft Toss
wpe13.jpg (1931 bytes)

Item #S-A20 (Baseball or Softball) 110V model                          $389            
Item #S-A22 (Baseball or Softball) 12V model                            $589
Item #S-A21 (Feeder for pitching machine)                                 $539
(Specify Casey, Rookie, or Power Hummer)

Next to the batting tee, the Soft Toss is the most widely used training tool of the pros. The
training step between batting tees and live or machine pitch, the Soft Toss effectively
developed hand/eye coordination, timing and bat speed.
With a Catch Net, the Soft Toss is easily used year round, indoors or out to develop and
maintain a high level of performance. And it takes only minimal space (12" x 12").
The ability to use the Soft Toss without another person makes it one of the most productive
hitting tools available. Position the Soft Toss at several points in a 300 degree arc around the
hitter. No other drill teaches a player to wait on the ball as well.
Release height is adjustable from 25" to 45". Toss distance is quickly and easily adjusted from
0 to 13 feet, also varying lob height. At 32 pounds the Soft Toss is easily transported and ideal
for pre game warm up. The 12V cordless model offers up to 4 hours of continuous use.

                                    wpeC.jpg (16839 bytes)


                                Iron Mike

Pitching Machines

Watching the pitcher's arm is a key to successful hitting. Every master pitching machine
features the patented Iron Mike pitching arm. With each pitch you see the arm wind up and
deliver the ball, just like a real pitcher. It's the only training machine available that gives you this

                                                wpe9.jpg (11992 bytes)  
Personal Use
Can throw over 60 m.p.h.  

This compact, inexpensive trainer is ideal for on field or personal (backyard) use. Not
recommended for high school baseball or fast pitch softball programs, this machine will pitch
baseballs, softballs, whiffle balls, rag balls, and tennis balls. It has a lockable arm guard cover
and is powered by a 115 volt A.C. motor. Its ball rack will hold 25 baseballs or 20 softballs. It is
38" H x 20" W x 36" L with a shipping weight of 179 pounds. Please specify baseball or softball
when ordering.

Item #S-C82........................................$1100.00
Remote control with 80' cord.
Item #S-M13........................................$100.00


                                           wpeB.jpg (16943 bytes)
School/League Use
Can throw over 80 m.p.h.  

This mobile trainer is for heavy use by serious players, high schools, and college teams. It has
a lockable arm guard cover, is powered by a 115 volt A.C. motor, has four wheel transport
system for easy transport, metric ball bearings, and a new precision arm break system. Its ball
rack will hold 38 baseball or 28 softballs. It is 56" H x 30" W x 55" L with a shipping weight of
446 pounds, and comes with a built in low voltage remote control with a 80 foot cord. Please
specify baseball or softball when ordering.

Item #S-MP5..............................................$2400.00

Ball Feed Enhancer For MP-5

Item #S-IMBFE..........................................$112.00



                                                      wpeC.jpg (15931 bytes)
College/Major League Use
Can throw over 80 m.p.h.                                        

For college and major league teams. It has a lockable arm guard cover, is powered by a 115
volt A.C. motor, has hold down clips for permanent installation. Its ball hopper will hold 600
baseballs or 400 softballs. It is 57" H x 44" W x 36" L with a shipping weight of 567 pounds,
and comes with a built in low voltage remote control with a 80 foot cord. Please specify
baseball or softball when ordering.

Item #S-MP6...................................................$2995.00

Same as above but with a heavy duty main shaft, heavy duty M series arm and hand, and
special reinforcement to protect machine from batted balls.

Item #S-MP4.....................................................$3300.00

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