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 Heavy Duty Golf Tunnel Net & Frame

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Turn your backyard into a miniature driving range!! Protect the neighbors' windows!! The frame is constructed of sturdy 1 3/8" galvanized pipe. All stress points are reinforced with heavy duty vinyl coated aircraft cable for long life and stability. Frame size is 10' H x 10' W x 10' D. Net is made of sturdy nylon and is treated for abrasion resistance, water resistance, and UV protection. Weighted rope in included for additional ball containment. Designed for indoor or outdoor use. Net and frame can be disassembled for off-season storage.

Net and frame ( in ground )                 S-GC                    $425.00
Net only ( in ground )                           S-GCN                  $255.00
Frame only ( in ground )                      S-GCF                  $190.00


Net and frame ( above ground )        S-GC2                   $505.00

Net only  ( above ground )                  S-GCN2                $255.00

Frame only ( above ground )              S-GCF2                $277.00



                                         Heavy Duty Golf Backstop

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Trim your scores!! Improve your swing! The frame is constructed of sturdy 1 3/8" galvanized pipe. Extra large net and frame measures 10' W  x 10 1/2' H. Net is made of a sturdy 160 pound test nylon cord, 1" square mesh, and treated for abrasion resistance, water resistance, and UV protection. Extra bag in the net provides additional cushion for those hard drives. Heavy duty rope border provides additional strength and durability. Easily assembled or disassembled.

Ten-foot model net and frame                   S-GB                          $190.00
Ten-foot model net only                              S-GBN                       $85.00
Ten-foot model frame only                         S-GBF                        $115.00

Also great for Baseball/Softball soft toss practice.


                               Heavy Duty Golf Screening Nets

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These nets act as a screen or barrier to prevent stray balls from hitting spectators or damaging property. They aid in controlling the number of lost balls. These nets are used by golf courses, driving ranges, and parks. These nets are constructed of netting made from 84 pound test cord, 1"square mesh, rope border on all four sides, and a 3" metal clip every 10' on top and bottom for ease of hanging. Weatherproofed for long life.

    Length               10 ft High                  12 ft High               25 ft High
    Stock No.       Price      Stock No.       Price   Stock No.     Price
      10 ft. S-GB1010     $70       ------------    -----------    ---------------   ----------
      20 ft. S-GB1020     $90 S-GB122O      $97    ---------------   ----------
      30 ft. S-GB1030     $120 S-GB1230      $135 S-GB2530    $207
      40 ft. S-GB1040     $150 S-GB1240      $175 S-GB2540    $265
      50 ft. S-GB1050     $175 S-GB1250      $220 S-GB2550    $315
      60 ft. S-GB1060     $205 S-GB1260      $240 S-GB2560    $370
      75 ft. S-GB1070     $286 S-GB1270      $305 S-GB2570    $485
     100 ft. S-GB10100     $320 S-GB12100      $396 S-GB12500    $590
     150 ft. S-GB10150     $525 S-GB12150      $560 S-GB12550    $940

                          (Please phone for price on sizes)

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